Research Overview

Georgia is the number one producer of both peanuts and pecans in the United Sates.  However, our humid climate is very favorable for diseases, and losses can be severe in wet years.  The cost of disease control is one of the biggest production expenses for many growers each year.

The focus of my research is on applied epidemiology and management of pecan diseases and soilborne diseases of peanuts.  This involves an integrated,  multi-faceted approach utilizing cultural practices, fungicides, and host resistance in new ways that are effective and economical for producers.

My instruction involvement includes  guest lectures and labs at UGA and ABAC, as well as co-teaching Introductory Plant Pathology in the UGA Tifton program.  My extension component is primarily in peanuts where I give numerous state and regional presentations each year and work closely with Dr. Bob Kemerait in support of agents, field calls, trainings, etc.  I am also involved in recent research efforts to develop sugar beets and canola as winter crops in Georgia.  Both crops have some significant disease issues that need to be addressed.